Changes to training

In response to the outbreak of Covid-19, Staysafe is taking measures to ensure the personal safety of its trainers and students. Courses mentioned on this website can either be done online or via video conference from the safety of your home. The trainer is available to you during the video conference and online to ensure successful completion of the course.

It may take longer than the timeframes indicated for some courses as assessments will need to be emailed and marking of those assessments may occur the next day rather than on the same day. Marking of assessments for White Card and QBCC Managerial Course is conducted via video conference or online on the same day.

You do not have to put off training until another time as Staysafe is being innovative and thinking outside the box of how it can continue to deliver its services to the community.

Video conference can take up to 100 students at any given time. If there are groups of personnel working from home, this is the perfect opportunity to stay on track with your training goals.