Staysafe Industry Training is a family owned and operated RTO. Formed with a strong focus on quality training and value by fulfilling training needs in the construction industry.

How it all began

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Louise started Staysafe Industry Training in 2014 after finishing up as a lead auditor with DESBT.

Having audited numerous RTO’s she noticed the need for quality training.

Her goal was to establish a strong compliant company with a focus on assisting those in the construction industry towards their career goals.

Staysafe is built on the foundations she set out during its inception and remains focused on compliance, quality, and user friendly training. 


Having built a career in the fashion industry George joined Staysafe in 2020 to look into the marketing and business focuses of SIT. George’s background has always been customer service and simplified approaches to business. He now heads up SIT’s marketing and business development team. Sticking to those same principles when developing marketing content or launching new courses. His approach towards the companies focus on quality is the driving factor in all aspects of development from ad campaigns to course development.

"We are here for those who require licences, qualifications, or starting a career in the trades."

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