BSBESB402 – Establish legal and risk management requirements of new business ventures, is specifically designed to complement your trade knowledge with business knowledge. Participants will learn how to establish the legal requirements, and risk management practices, that apply to your business and industry. This Nationally Recognised Unit of Competency is accepted as evidence by QBCC in regards to the business knowledge requirements to be a licensed subcontractor.

This course is ideal for people who are applying to be a licensed subcontractor or for an electrical contractor’s licence from the Electrical Safety Office (ESO), or are required to become a Qualified Business Person (QBP).

In Queensland, individuals and companies must hold a QBCC licence to carry out:

  • any building work valued over $3,300
  • building work valued over $1,100 (where it involves Hydraulic Services Design)
  • building work of any value where it involves:
    • Drainage
    • Plumbing and Drainage
    • Gas Fitting
    • Termite Management – Chemical
    • Fire Protection
    • Completed Residential Building Inspection
    • Building Design – Low Rise, Medium Rise and Open
    • Site Classification

For Queensland tradies, this course is a requirement;

On successful completion of the course you are awarded a statement of attainment which is sent to you in an email.

QBCC trade contractor licence

To find out more about the application process and technical qualifications required, click this link


  • Identifying legal requirements

  • Choosing a business structure
  • Sources of information
  • Legislative responsibilities of a business
  • Company obligations


  • Legislative requirements

  • The importance of maintaining compliance
  • Developing and implementing compliance systems
  • Taxation obligations
  • Maintaining records
  • Company records compliance


  • Contractual obligations

  • Sources of advice
  • Procuring products and services
  • Acquiring or leasing commercial premises
  • Business lease checklist
  • Commercial lease agreement


  • Identifying and treating risk

  • Insurance products


  • *Course will be $40 with CSQ Funding, check eligibility now.


$440(GST FREE)
  • *Course will be $80 with CSQ Funding, check eligibility now.