Take the next step in your career to become a ‘Builder low-rise’ and be in control as the builder. Units from this qualification will meet licencing requirements for QLD, NSW, SA and TAS, though each state will mention which qualifications you need to hold and experience requirements. This course can be done online.  The trainer and assessor is a click away. Your work will be marked as you go, or you can also enrol into this course and complete it via recognition of prior learning which has practical and conversation tasks.

This qualification is designed to meet the needs of builders and managers of small to medium-sized building businesses.
The builder may also be the appropriately licensed person with responsibility under the relevant building licensing authority in the State or Territory. Builder licensing varies across States and Territories and additional requirements to attainment of this qualification may be required.

Occupational titles may include:

  • Builder
  • Construction manager.

The qualification has 13 core and 3 elective units of competency.

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Certificate IV in Building and construction (Building)

A combination of recognition and prior learning and face to face training

13 core and 3 elective units

Do you currently hold a licence in your state? You may qualify for mutual recognition of your licence in other States.

Click on the Mutual recognition for licences application in QLD

Mutual recognition

Mutual Recognition is a process whereby an individual who holds a licence in one state, territory or New Zealand is entitled to be licensed in another state, territory or New Zealand to perform the same work. Mutual Recognition does not apply to a company or partnership. If you are applying for a licence in Queensland under Mutual Recognition please be aware that special rules apply. The QBCC may only issue a licence that is equivalent to the licence you already hold. If your interstate or New Zealand licence is subject to a condition or restriction, the QBCC must impose the same condition on your Queensland licence. Where there is no QBCC licence equivalent to your interstate or New Zealand licence, the QBCC will not be able to issue you a licence.

Who can apply?

Applicants from: Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia and New Zealand can apply.

Interstate and New Zealand licence mutual recognition (NSW)

Mutual recognition
Most licences granted in other States and Territories or New Zealand are recognised in NSW. Under this mutual recognition system, a person registered to practise an occupation (such as carpentry) in one state or territory is entitled to practise an equivalent occupation in another state or territory. First, you must notify the local registration authority.

For a form and explanatory notes for applying for a licence to do residential building work in NSW under mutual recognition, refer to the Applicant’s Checklist for Individual Applicants for Mutual Recognition.

Automatic recognition
Automatic Mutual Recognition allows individuals who hold some specified licences issued in other Australian States and Territories or New Zealand to work in NSW under that licence. The NSW Mutual Recognition (Automatic Licensed Occupations Recognition) Act and Regulation commenced on 1 December 2014.

Recognised interstate licensees will not need a NSW licence unless they relocate their primary place of residence to NSW. This is similar to someone with a driver’s licence issued by another state being able to legally drive on NSW roads; only if they move to NSW do they need a NSW driver’s licence. While working in NSW, a recognised interstate licensee is subject to the same laws as NSW licence holders. NSW Fair Trading can take disciplinary and enforcement action against them.

The provisions that do not require a NSW licence only apply to specific occupations contained in the Regulation. Licensees in other occupations must apply under mutual recognition to have their licence recognised by NSW. Go to the Automatic Mutual Recognition – East Coast Electricians page for more information.

Being a nominated supervisor under Automatic Mutual Recognition
If you have a deemed local licence under the provision of Automatic Mutual Recognition, you may be eligible to become a nominated qualified supervisor for a NSW contractor company or partnership licence. Go to our Nominated Qualified Supervisors page for more information. Subscribe to the Foundations enewsletter for the homebuilding industry to stay up-to-date on mutual recognition laws and other matters.

Recognition of interstate and overseas work licences (SA)

Workers and contractors with licences from interstate or New Zealand (NZ) can apply for the same type of South Australian licence. Only individuals (not companies) with equivalent occupations can apply for mutual recognition. Check the licence recognition website for details.

Licences from other countries are not recognised, but you may be able to have overseas qualifications and experience assessed to help you get a South Australian licence.