Playground Safety Inspector Course

AHCPGD206 Conduct visual inspection of park facilities

Carry out routine visual inspections of park and recreational facilities to identify visible hazards and existing and potential risks. If you are an individual who undertakes activities in a structured environment with some supervision, autonomy and accountability, however, by progressing to level 2 – operational, you will gain indepth skills and knowledge to include inspections in accordance with Australian Standards.

AHCPGD305 Conduct operational inspection of park facilities

Inspect park or recreational facilities includes identifying existing hazards and potential risks and non conformities in accordance with Australian Standards and WHS requirements. It includes priotising own work and making professional judgements to ensure quality of work output, selection and allocation of resources and recording non conformances to comply with workplace procedures, Australian Standards and WHS requirements.

AHCPGD505 Conduct comprehensive inspection of park facilities

Analyse information using a systematic approach and exercise professional judgement to determine an outcome?, which includes demonstration of a high level of technical knowledge and skills to analyse, design and communicate appropriate solutions to rectify non conformances according to workplace procedures, using, Australian Standards, legislative and work health and safety requirements, as well as manufacturers standards.

Trainer and assessor information:

Mike Langsford is the nominated trainer and assessor for the Level 1 Visual, Level 2 Operational and Level 3 Comprehensive playground safety inspector training courses.

Mike is a qualified trainer and assessor who holds a TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and assessment and has 11 years experience and is an active inspector of playground equipment and is an expert witness for accident investigations.

Mike Langsford holds:

  • two positions on the Australia Standards Committees, CS.005 outdoor play equipment and CS.101 outdoor recreational equipment which has already agreed to adopt all the other sports type activities such as outdoor fitness, parkour, skateparks, BMX tracks.
  • holds two seats on behalf of the Consumers Federation Australia. This is the main International Standards committee that oversees all of the play and recreational committees.

Mike will offer real experience with the current Australian Standards as well as the Standards in the ‘pipeline’. What this means to you is that when new Standards come into force, you will already know what differences they bring and how they will affect you within your own workspace.

Mike has operated in the UK, across Europe, New Zealand and Australia and has conducted tens of thousands of inspections spanning all those countries and regions.

Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII)

Stay Safe is the authorised examination centre for the Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII)’

About the course

The unique set of skills gained from completing all 3 levels qualifies you to conduct safety inspections of playground equipment in parks and facilities. Your client will have confidence in your professional judgements on inspection safety outcomes which may or may not need rectification, however, your technical knowledge and skills will allow you to make sound recommendations.

Level 1 – Routine Inspection which means completion of AHCPGD206 Conduct visual inspection of park facilities – duration 1 day

Level 2 – Operational – completion of AHCPGD206 Conduct visual inspection of park facilities, AHCPGD305 Conduct operational inspection of park facilities – duration 2 days

Level 3 – Comprehensive – completion of AHCPGD206 Conduct visual inspection of park facilities, AHCPGD305 Conduct operational inspection of park facilities and AHCPGD505 Conduct comprehensive inspection of park facilities – duration 5 days

The structure of the the course has been designed so that participants knowledge and skills builds from one level to the next in preparation for conducting a compliance audit. For example, knowledge and skills for comprehensive is applied to complete the theory and practical assessment within the course duration of 5 days. There is NO after course homework or assessment which may take six weeks after the course to complete.

Issuance of a Statement of attainment

Statements of attainment will be issued to a student who have completed all of the requirements of the qualification within 30 days of the learner being assessed as meeting the requirements of the training package and qualification packaging rules. All student fees have been paid prior to the issuance of a statement of attainment.

Where course fees have been paid in full, a statement of attainment will be issued at the end of the final day of training.

Additional course costs – Student workbooks

Student will be expected to purchase the AHCPGD505 Comprehensive manual which is a mix of standards, best practice, self development and experience. This manual will be used during training and for reference after training.  The additional cost of the colour printed and comb bound manual is $41.50 pp.

Physical resources

Initially for training purposes, Staysafe provides a number of tools indicated below, however, the student may want to purchase a set of tools of their own for the future. We have sourced a supplier whose details are below.

  1. A copy of Australian Standard  AS4422 – will be provided as part of the training resources
  2. A copy of Australian Standard 4685:2014 guide by Andrew Reedy will be provided as part of the training resources

Students will need to bring with them personal protective clothing indicated below:

  1. A high Viz vest for park facility inspections at all levels
  2. Fully enclosed footwear such as steel capped boots
  3. Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, long trousers, raincoat.

Resources that you should bring in order to carry out inspections include:

  • The AHCPGD505 Training manual
  • Pen/pencil
  • Highlighters
  • Calculator
  • Small note taking paper
  • Water bottle
  • Tape measure (3m plus)
  • Clipboard
  • Camera or smartphone
  • inspection forms are provided
  • Inspection probes (tools) are provided

The basic tool kit for the AHCPGD505 Conduct comprehensive inspection of park facilities, which consists of:

  • a small head probe or
  • large head probe
  • finger entrapment, 25mm probe, 12mm probe, 8.6mm probe and 8mm probe
  • toggle test device
  • probe for assessment of head and neck entrapment in partially bound and V-shaped openings
  • The above tools for the AHCPGD505 can be purchased through German company Beckmann, follow this link

These tools which make up the tool kit can be purchased through Bunnings

  • Digital calipers/Vernier 150mm
  • retractable tape measure 8m
  • Retractable shovel
  • protractor/angle measurer

Who is this course for?

New and existing workers who conduct safety inspections, such as; supervisors, inspectors and maintenance crews.

Duration and cost per person (public courses)

Level 1 – 1 unit – 1 day – $700.00

Level 2 – 2 units – 2 days – $2000.00

Level 3 – 3 units – 5 days – $2500.00

If you enrol into level 1, the course fee is payable at enrolment or commencement of training. Fees breakdown is shown below for Levels 2 & 3.

Individual students

Fees for Levels 2 & 3 are broken down into two payments. The first payment of $1500.00 for Level 2 Operational at booking of course and the balance of $500.00 is payable by the end of day 2. Fees can be paid by bank transfer. Note that a statement of attainment will not be issued until all fees have been paid.

The first payment of $1250.00 at booking of training and the second payment of $1250 is payable on day 5. Fees can be paid by bank transfer. Where fees have not been paid in full by the end of day 6. Note that a statement of attainment will not be issued until all fees have been paid.

Employer engaged training

All course fees for staff members are due at booking

Private in-house training

In-house training is customised training to suit the needs of the client. Training will usually be held at the employer workplace, where the trainer and assessor is sent to conduct your in-house training and assessment. To find out more about this service email

Refresher courses

We offer a 1 day refresher course at the end of 3 years to ensure you are up to date with any changes to the Australian Standards and codes of practice. Pricing is greatly reduced. To find out more email


A student is to notify the RTO if they want to change the date or cancel the booking within 24 hours of the booking date. Notice is to be sent via email or text. A call to cancel will not be acceptable. Where a deposit for a course has been paid, it will only be refunded less an administration fee of $100 if the cancellation is within the 24 hour notice period. Where cancellation of a booking occurs outside of the 24 hour period, the deposit will be non-refundable. Where Staysafe Industry Training cancels a short course, a full refund will be made. Refunds will be made to the students nominated bank account within 3 days of notification.


Refer to the Staysafe refunds policy and procedure on pages 14 of the student handbook.

Complaints and appeals process

You can access the Staysafe complaints and appeals process which is available as a download under the ‘home tab’ of the Staysafe website or is on pages 15 & 16 of the student handbook.


On successful completion of all assessment items and where deemed competent, you will be issued with a statement of attainment, provided all course fees have been paid. See page 11 of the student handbook, AQF issuance policy.

Australian qualifications framework qualification issuance policy

There is nothing in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) 2nd Edition, under the AQF qualifications issuance policy which indicates that expiry dates on statements of attainment or qualification testamurs are to be included, however, Statements of attainment will only be issued by organisations authorised by legislation to do so and Students are entitled to retain the statement of attainment once it has been issued unless it is revoked under the terms of an issuing organisation’s policy.

A statement of attainment indicates required wording such as ‘This is a statement that’ the name of the person, full unit codes and titles, the National recognised training logo (NRT), date of issue and authorised person.

The above units of competency do not indicate any licencing or regulatory requirements meaning that there is no licence or certification obtained from completing these units. In Queensland there is no requirement to RENEW this training every two to three years.

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