QBCC Approved managerial course

Staysafe Industry Training is a proud recipient of Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) funding for the QBCC approved managerial course. Sunshine Coast

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ)

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) is an independent industry funded body supporting employers, workers, apprentices and career seekers in the building and construction industry. As a Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) registered training supplier, we provide training that is supported by CSQ funding.

To be eligible for Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) subsidised or fully funded training courses, participants must meet the eligibility criteria. Download the verification of participant form to find out your eligibility and the evidence required and the pricing for each course funded by CSQ.

QBCC Approved managerial Course

BSBSMB401 Establish legal and risk requirements of small business is the approved QBCC managerial course which is to be completed before you apply for your QBCC TRADE CONTRACTOR LICENCE, site supervisor or nominee supervisor licence.

This is a one day course which is based at Peregian Springs on the Sunshine Coast (RTO 40963). There is no online course, training is class based, one on one or group training. You will be asked to produce your driver’s licence and medicare card to establish your identity for the purposes to either find an existing or create a unique student identifier (USI) . The enrolment form has a section for you to authorise me to create or find an existing USI (a verification email sent to confirm your booking lists what you need to bring on the day), payment can be made in cash or from your debit or credit card.

About the course

On the day you receive a workbook with information and assessment activities which is used throughout the course. There are 4 sections to the workbook, some assessment activities are online such as ABLIS, Trade Mark Assist, Identifying rental premises using the business lease checklist, however, there are written questions and some multi-choice questions. You are guided and assisted throughout the entire course.

You are encouraged to ask questions at any time before, during and after the course, in particular you may have some questions around what is required to submit your application to QBCC for your trade contractor licence or business structures, taxation and insurance.

Below are a list of topics covered during the course

Section 1:

  • Identify business structures
  • legal requirements for business structures
  • Sources of information
  • Company Obligations
  • ABLIS activity
  • ABN
  • Registering a business name
  • Business name registration legislation
  • Trading and discrimination legislation

Section 2

  • Complying with legislative requirements
  • Developing and implementing compliance systems
  • Investigation process into non-compliances
  • Record keeping evaluation tool (ATO)
  • Taxation obligations
  • Maintaining records

Section 3

  • Arranging business contracts
  • Identifying suppliers
  • Trade mark assist
  • Business lease checklist
  • Completing a commercial lease agreement

Section 4

  • Identifying and treating risk
  • Insurance products

Cost of training (non CSQ funded)

The full cost of training per person is $460.00 non funded.  There are no additional course costs and there is no waiting list to fill a classroom. A confirmation email is sent to approve your booking with instruction on what to bring.

CSQ funding eligibility

If you are eligible for CSQ funding, you will pay $100.00 towards the cost of training which is paid at enrolment. CSQ funding amount of $360.00 is paid to the RTO by CSQ. You must establish eligibility for CSQ funding prior to enrolment.

Download the verification of eligibility form, read through to see if you are eligible, complete the relevant sections, include your evidence which can be uploaded and emailed to contact@sitedu.com.au prior to you attending your course day. Staysafe will review your submission to see if you meet the criteria, if further information is required, you will be contacted. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be notified ahead of your course day. If you don’t meet the eligibility criteria, you will also be advised prior to your course day.

Student reviews and ratings

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On completion of each section, you and the trainer and assessor are required to sign and date that section before going on to another section. Once all sections of the workbook are complete, we go back to the front of the book to do the final sign off. It is at this point when all assessment activities have been completed that a final result of competent or not yet competent is achieved. If re-assessment is required, this is indicated on the assessment cover sheet. There are two opportunities for re-assessment, however, re-assessment occurs on the same day. Finally, you will be asked to complete a survey and give Staysafe a review on facebook or google.

A statement of attainment on successful completion is sent out to you via email within a few days of completing the course as well as a blank copy of the workbook if requested.

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