BSBSMB401 Establish legal and risk management in small business

BSBSMB401 Establish legal and risk requirements of small business, QBCC managerial course, trade contractor course. This course is a QBCC requirement if you want to apply for your trade contractor licence and invoice more than $3300.00 per job.

Online course
To enrol into the online course, go to this course page and click the ‘Start Now’ button, this will take you into another window where you can complete the introduction, online enrolment form, ID verification and payment.

The course can be completed within two days, however, if you can only manage a few hours at a time, you are given one month to complete

There are several sections to the online course feature. You will need to complete tasks 1 and 2 before you can start on the questions for the course. Questions are either marked by the computer or marked by the trainer, however, we are able to monitor your progress at any given time. If you need help, an email and mobile number is there for you to call.

Resources are either in video format or PDF format which can be downloaded easily. Read and or listen to the information to correctly respond to the question. If you get a question wrong, you will go back one question and a different set of responses will be given each time. This is so you are not able to guess your way through the course.


On successful completion of the course you are awarded a statement of attainment which is sent to you in an email, generally within 3 days.

QBCC trade contractor licence

To find out more about the application process and technical qualifications required, go to

Online course – enrol and pay online $200

Course fees are paid by bank transfer and are to be paid before you start the course. See the refunds policy on page 18 of the student handbook.

Course structure

  • Identifying legal requirements
  • Choosing a business structure
  • Sources of information
  • Legislative responsibilities of a business
  • Company obligations
  • Legislative requirements
  • The importance of maintaining compliance
  • Developing and implementing compliance systems
  • Taxation obligations
  • Maintaining records
  • Company records compliance
  • Identifying your contractual obligations
  • Sources of advice
  • Procuring products and services
  • Aquiring or leasing commercial premises
  • Business lease checklist
  • Commercial lease agreement
  • Identifying and treating risk
  • Insurance products

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