Refunds policy and procedure

Fee for service

SIT will not accept payment from each individual student of no more than $1000 prior to the commencement of the course. Following course commencement there may be additional fees as indicated in the enrolment form, on our website, the student handbook and the course fees, additional costs and payment terms policy and procedure but only such that at any given time, the total amount required to be paid which is attributable to tuition or other services yet to be delivered to the student does not exceed $1500. This refund policy applies to all course fees paid to SIT (RTO 40963).

Longer courses (fee paying)

All notifications of withdrawal from a qualification, or applications for refunds, must be made in writing and submitted to Administration as per the timeframes indicated below.

No refund of course fees will be made where a student’s enrolment is cancelled for any of the following reasons;

  • Failure to pay course fees
  • Where a student has advised the RTO within 10 business days to withdraw from training prior to the commencement date. A refund will be made of all course fees paid in advance less a non- refundable $100 administration fee. Written notice such as email or text will be sufficient
  • Where written notice of withdrawal has been made to the RTO 10 days after commencement of training. A student will receive a refund of the unused portion of fees paid where training was not received. There is a non-refundable $50 administration fee on application of withdrawal and refund
  • In an event that training is cancelled by the RTO prior to its start date. Student’s will receive a full refund of any fees paid in advance of up to $1000. An administration fee will not be charged.
  • Refunds to student’s can take up to 3 days to process. Refunds will be made to the student’s nominated bank account or credit/debit card used to pay
  • The enrolment agreement/contract, and the availability of the complaints and appeals processes, does not remove the right of the student to take action under the Australia’s consumer protection laws.

Short courses (fee paying and subsidised)

The student may elect a day and date to attend a face to face training course. The administrator sends out an email or a meeting request or text to confirm the booking.

A student is to notify the RTO if they want to change the date or cancel the booking within 24 hours of the booking date. Notice is to be sent via email or text. A call to cancel will not be acceptable. Where a deposit for a course has been paid, it will only be refunded less an administration fee of $100 if the cancellation is within the 24 hour notice period. Where cancellation of a booking occurs outside of the 24 hour period, the deposit will be non-refundable. Where Staysafe Industry Training cancels a short course, a full refund will be made. Refunds will be made to the students nominated bank account within 3 days of notification.

Refund of unused course fees for longer courses (fee paying)

A pro rata refund will be calculated based on the training paid for and not received. This will be calculated based on information recorded on your file of units of competency completed or partially completed. However, where training has been provided and payment not received. The student will be required to pay for the portion of training delivered at the time of application for withdrawal.

  • The unused portion of the course fees will be refunded
  • Allow up to 3 days to process
  • Nominate the bank account you would like your refund paid into. If paid by credit or debit card a refund to the cardholder can be made.

Cooling off period

Contracts which have been initiated by a service provider over the phone such as a telemarketing call or at a location other than the provider’s place of business (for example, a door-to-door sale or being approached in a public place such as a shopping centre) are generally subject to a cooling-off period. Cooling-off periods do not apply where a consumer visits a provider’s store, calls to request a service or orders a service online. The purpose of a cooling-off period is to protect a consumer from being bound by an unsolicited contract that does not fit their needs, by giving them time to reassess and cancel the contract if necessary

The cooling-off period for individuals is 10 business days. This period starts:

  • for sales made over the phone: the day after a consumer receives a written copy of the contract.
  • for sales made in person: the day after the agreement is made
  • Where a consumer calls the provider to request a service, no cooling period applies.

The consumer can cancel the contract for any reason during the 10 business days. The consumer needs to take note of how they can cancel the contract, which sometimes involves mailing a written cancellation letter to the provider.

Cancelling the enrolment/contract

If you do not want to proceed with your enrolment/contract, you must provide written notice within the 10 business days for longer courses or 24 hours notice for short courses, either by email or text. As soon as notification has been received, an invoice/statement will be issued showing the amount of fees paid and the amount of refund.