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PART 1 - General Building Work - Option 1

For tradespeople who want to do:
Any building work
Additions ltd to residential National Construction Code Class 1 - 10
Alterations & renovations
Residential building work ltd to National Construction Code Class 1 - 10
Transportable building construction and installation

Part 2 - Specified and other General Building Work - Option 4

This course is for anyone applying for a contractor licence which DOES NOT include any of the conditions from Part 1 - General Building Work Option 1 (e.g. trade/specified or commercial building work)

These trades applicable for this course:
Restricted Builder
Civil and Commercial building licences

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We offer two courses approved by Consumer Business Affairs South Australia

Navigating the Path to Becoming a Building Work Contractor in South Australia

The eligibility criteria for obtaining a building work contractor’s licence in South Australia encompass individuals, business partnerships, and companies. However, certain restrictions apply to those with legal impediments affecting their work or business operations. For instance, individuals declared bankrupt, businesses under financial receivership, or those holding suspended trade or business licences are ineligible to apply.

Building work contractors in South Australia bear a significant responsibility for adhering to building codes and standards, ensuring the safety of workers and occupants, and maintaining the integrity of the project. Additionally, they must possess technical expertise and practical skills in their respective fields.

Supervision of building work is an integral aspect of the contractor’s role. All building projects, regardless of scale, must be overseen by a registered building work supervisor. This individual is responsible for monitoring the construction process, ensuring compliance with regulations, and addressing any safety concerns. Companies applying for a contractor licence must nominate a designated building work supervisor. Alternatively, individuals applying for a contractor licence can simultaneously register as supervisors.

The application process for a building work contractor’s licence involves submitting a completed application form, providing relevant documentation, and demonstrating the necessary qualifications and experience. The required documentation includes:

  • Proof of identity and citizenship
  • Evidence of relevant trade qualifications or experience
  • Details of any criminal convictions
  • Financial statements for companies

The application fee for a building work contractor’s licence varies depending on the licence class. Processing times typically range from 10 to 20 business days, but this can vary depending on the complexity of the application and the volume of submissions.

To maintain their licence in good standing, building work contractors must:

  • Comply with all relevant building codes and standards
  • Maintain adequate insurance coverage
  • Complete continuing professional development (CPD) courses
  • Notify the licensing authority of any changes to their business or personal information

The South Australian government provides valuable resources and support to building work contractors, including:

  • Online application system and forms
  • Detailed information on licence classes, eligibility criteria, and fees
  • Guidance on supervision requirements and CPD requirements
  • Contact details for licensing and compliance officers

Navigating the process of obtaining a building work contractor’s licence in South Australia requires careful consideration of eligibility criteria, completion of application procedures, and adherence to ongoing requirements. By following the guidelines outlined in this blog and utilizing the available resources, aspiring contractors can successfully embark on their journey in the construction industry.

What you can do with your licence
A contractor license in South Australia authorizes you to undertake and supervise building work, encompassing a wide range of projects, including:
- Residential building work: This covers the construction of new homes, renovations, and extensions, ensuring that residential structures adhere to safety, quality, and compliance standards.
- Commercial building work: This involves the construction of non-residential buildings such as offices, shops, factories, and other commercial facilities, ensuring they meet the specific requirements and standards for commercial spaces.
- Civil engineering works: This encompasses the construction of infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, dams, and other large-scale civil engineering undertakings, requiring expertise in structural integrity, safety, and environmental considerations.
The benefits of having a licence
Holding a contractor license in South Australia grants you the following privileges and responsibilities:

Expanded Work Scope:
-You are authorised to carry out a broader range of building projects, including complex and specialised construction tasks.
-Enhanced Client Base: Your clientele expands to include individual homeowners, commercial property developers, and government entities, providing more opportunities for projects.
- Competitive Fee Structure: You can command higher rates for your services due to your licensed status and demonstrated expertise.
- Government Contract Eligibility: You become eligible to bid on and secure government contracts, which often involve large-scale and high-profile projects.
Additional Obligations

Compliance with Laws and Regulations: You are legally bound to adhere to all applicable building codes, safety regulations, and environmental standards.
Adequate Insurance Coverage: You must maintain appropriate insurance coverage to protect yourself and your clients from potential liabilities arising from accidents or damages.
Detailed Record keeping: You are required to maintain accurate and comprehensive records of your work, including project plans, specifications, and financial documentation.
Continuous Professional Development: You must engage in ongoing training and professional development to stay abreast of industry advancements, technological innovations, and regulatory changes.
Obtaining a contractor license in South Australia is a crucial step for individuals aspiring to establish themselves in the construction industry. It signifies your commitment to quality, safety, and compliance, allowing you to undertake diverse projects, expand your client base, and command higher fees.

However, remember that with this license comes the responsibility to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and adhere to all applicable regulations.
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Types of Licences

A building work contractor’s licence allows you to carry out building work in South Australia. Building work is defined as any work that involves the construction, alteration, removal, or demolition of a building or structure. This includes work on houses, apartments, offices, factories, sheds, and other structures.

To be eligible for a building work contractor’s licence, you must have the relevant qualifications, knowledge, and experience.

You must also hold a current National Police Certificate and comply with relevant solvency requirements.

There are three classes of building work contractor’s licences:

Class A

This is the highest class of licence and allows you to carry out any type of building work, including major residential construction.

Class B

This licence allows you to carry out most types of building work, but does not include major residential construction.

Class C

This is the lowest class of licence and allows you to carry out minor building work only.

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