White card QLD – face to face delivery

Staysafe Industry Training is a proud recipient of Construction SkillsQueensland (CSQ) funding for CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry (White card).

Eligibility criteria applies to access CSQ funding. CSQ have waived some of the eligibility criteria for funding for this course. See next column for those changes.

The white card is delivered face to face using a workbook which is divided into 4 sections with assessment activities throughout the workbook. Upon successful completion of the course, evidence of meeting the WHS ID requirements and payment of fees, you will be awarded a White Card and a Statement of Attainment. NOTE: The RTO has 30 days in which to issue a Statement of Attainment, though, we attempt to have the Statement of Attainment to you in a shorter timeframe.

The duration of the course is approximately 4.5 hours on average.

Practical assessment

For the practical assessment you will need to have access to, select and wear a:

  • hard hat
  • high viz vest
  • eye protection and
  • hearing protection and
  • the Work Health and Safety Act 2011

Staysafe has the above PPE, should you not have one or more items indicated above. A picture is taken of you wearing your PPE for the practical assessment and kept on file.

WHS ID requirements

WHS require 3 forms of ID which are to be retained by the RTO. The document below specifies the type of ID required and the enrolment form also specifies the ID. This is to be provided prior to commencement of the course.

Staysafe does not have the ability to deliver the White Card online. White Card is only delivered face to face.

Update from CSQ on eligibility criteria waiver

In consideration of emerging issues, CSQ is removing the requirement below relating to “a month or more employment relationship” for any participant seeking to enrol inCPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry (WHITE CARD)

 An Existing Worker is a current Employee in the Building and Construction Industry who

has a one month or more employment relationship with their Employer. The working relationship

can be built up through full-time, part-time or casual employment or engagement as a contract worker.

 ALL other eligibility requirements still apply.

This change only applies to the delivery of CPCCWHS1001, takes effect immediately and will continue until further notice.

It is important to note that all other regulatory requirements related to the delivery of this unit, must still be complied with.


Download the types of WHS ID

Evidence of identity (EOI) documents must be made up of three matching original EOI documents. A copy must be retained, excepting a financial institution debit/credit card, on the applicant’s file. You are required to keep a record that a debit/visa card was one of the original documents sighted. The three documents can be made up of:

One category A + two category B       OR      Two category A + one category B

 At least one category A document must be photographic and show a full name and date of birth (DOB).

ID requirements must be provided prior to commencement of the course.

CSQ eligibility criteria

To apply for CSQ funding for the course you will need to complete the eligibility form and provide relevant documents to show how you met the eligibility criteria.

The form is sent out to you prior to enrolment or you can download the form from this page.

If eligible, you pay $30.00 and CSQ will pay the RTO $100.00. The duration of the course on average is 4.5 hours.

The total cost of the course is $100.00

This course is delivered class based only.

To find out more about CSQ funding eligibility go to csq.org.au

Download the CSQ eligibility form