About us

Staysafe Industry Training, a family-owned and operated Registered Training Organisation (RTO), was established by Louise Vause in 2014 with a vision to provide high-quality, compliance-focused training for the construction industry. Louise, leveraging her experience as a lead auditor with DESBT, recognized the need for superior training services that align with career aspirations in the construction sector. The foundation of Staysafe is built on these principles, ensuring a steadfast focus on compliance, quality, and user-friendly training solutions.

In 2020, George Vause joined the team, applying his expertise in customer service and streamlined business processes to enhance Staysafe's marketing and business operations. George heads the marketing and business development team, adhering to the core principles of quality and simplicity in developing marketing strategies and launching new courses. His commitment to quality is a driving force in all aspects of Staysafe's development, from advertising campaigns to course creation, ensuring that our offerings resonate effectively with our audience.

Staysafe Industry Training is dedicated to providing exceptional training services, guided by a commitment to quality, customer service, and industry relevance


Louise Vause

Louise Vause, a distinguished figure in the RTO and VET industry, founded Staysafe Industry Training in 2014. Her journey in this sector is marked by a profound understanding and expertise gained from her role as a lead auditor with DESBT. During her tenure, Louise meticulously audited numerous RTOs, a process through which she discovered a significant gap in the market for high-caliber training programs. This insight was pivotal in shaping her vision for Staysafe Industry Training.

Louise's extensive knowledge, particularly in compliance and quality assurance in vocational education, became the cornerstone of Staysafe. Her commitment to excellence is evident in the organisation's approach: Staysafe is not just a training provider; it's a beacon of best practices in the industry, strongly adhering to regulatory standards and focusing on career advancement in the construction sector. Under Louise's guidance, Staysafe has become synonymous with compliance, exceptional quality, and user-friendly training solutions. Her leadership and in-depth understanding of the RTO and VET landscapes have been instrumental in steering Staysafe towards its current stature as a leading entity in industry-specific training.


George Vause

George Vause joined Staysafe in 2020, bringing with him a wealth of experience in overseeing marketing strategies and business operations. His career is distinguished by a strong commitment to customer service and an exceptional talent for optimizing business processes. As the leader of SIT's marketing and business development efforts, George incorporates these fundamental principles into all his work. From developing captivating marketing materials to initiating innovative courses, his focus on quality is paramount. This dedication informs every aspect of his role, influencing everything from advertising campaigns to the creation of new educational programs, ensuring that Staysafe's offerings are not only effective but also deeply connect with their target audience.

STRATEGY and operations

Reece Robbie

Reece Robbie, a key figure at Staysafe, expertly combines his deep engineering expertise with astute business insights. In his dual role overseeing strategy and operations, Reece is instrumental in shaping data-driven strategies and spearheading innovative problem-solving methodologies. His comprehensive approach not only elevates the quality and innovation of our training programs but also ensures operational excellence and strategic alignment with our educational mission. Reece's leadership is vital in steering Staysafe through the intricacies of the evolving educational landscape, guaranteeing that we stay attuned to industry trends and demands. Under his guidance, Staysafe is adeptly positioned to lead in the creation of impactful and cutting-edge training solutions, effectively responding to the dynamic needs of the industry and maintaining our commitment to delivering top-tier educational experiences.