Enrolment Terms and Conditions

When you enrol into a course of study with Staysafe, we are serious about your commitment to complete your course so that you can achieve your training, career and licensing goals.

Course duration

Each course or single unit of study has a course duration date. Course duration is determined by volume of learning for a full qualification or nominal hours for a unit of competency. You can find out at pre-enrolment the duration for your intended course. Course duration is also indicated on our website under each course offered. Once you have enrolled and paid your fees, proposed course end dates become active. You need to complete unit or course tasks prior to or on the completion or due date. If this does not occur, please refer to course extension policy on our website or scroll down to course completion and unit due dates.

What to expect?

Your training and assessment resources are provided giving you the ability to work self paced, course tasks within a unit are either marked by the computer and/or trainer marked.

For longer courses which have more than two units, it is expected that you allocate at least up to one hour a day for your course. You can complete a lot of tasks in one hour which should see you progress through the course at a steady rate. Log in activity or stats are recorded in your profile, so at any given time, the trainer is able to see the date and time you logged in as well as the task and the time spent overall on all tasks you are working on.

One on one support is available at any time via the booking form on the Staysafe Website or by reaching out to the trainer and assessor for an appointment time.

Course completion and unit due dates

When you enrol into a course, a proposed completion date is generated which is visible to both the student and the trainer, and should align with the information indicated prior to enrolment and reiterated in the course outline and enrolment declaration. 

Enrolling into a unit of competency will generate an enrolment, start and due date. It is this date as well as the course duration or completion date that you need to watch. It is your responsibility to ensure you complete your unit or course within these dates.

When a unit becomes overdue the colour relating to this unit will change from blue to orange. It is at this time that your unit has passed by its due date. 

A due date automatic notification is sent out to inform you that your unit due date is nearing.

What happens if you do nothing?

An SMS will be sent to you in the second and final instance to alert you. If you still do not respond, you run the risk of being locked out of your course, withdrawn or cancelled without further notification or refund and if you wish to continue will be required to re-enrol and pay the appropriate unit fee.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have fully read, understood and agree to the enrolment terms and conditions and refunds policy prior to enrolment or at commencement whichever comes first and you will be required to sign an enrolment declaration either at pre-enrolment or commencement, whichever comes first.

What else can I do?

Read any and all notifications sent to you via SMS or email, these are logged in your profile. You can apply for an extension for a course completion or unit due date by using the online course extension form located on the Staysafe website. Should you require additional time extensions, this will incur a cost of $100 for each unit per month that becomes overdue.