Course Enrolment Terms and Conditions

Agreement to Terms

By enrolling in a course with Staysafe Industry Training ("the RTO"), you acknowledge and agree to these Terms and Conditions, which form a binding agreement between you and the RTO. This agreement encompasses all aspects of your enrolment, course participation, and interactions with Third-Party Trainers, as detailed on our official channels, including our website. Your commitment to completing your course is crucial for achieving your training, career, and licensing goals.

Course Duration and Completion

Each course has a specified duration, determined by the volume of learning for qualifications or nominal hours for units of competency. Upon enrolment and fee payment, you are expected to complete course tasks within this timeframe. Failure to adhere to the completion dates may result in deregistration and removal from our system, subject to our course extension policy. For difficulties meeting deadlines, proactive communication with us is encouraged to discuss possible solutions.

Training Resources and Support

You will have access to comprehensive training and assessment resources, allowing for self-paced study. We encourage dedicating time daily for study to ensure steady progress. Our platform records your login activity, aiding our trainers in supporting your learning journey. One-on-one support is available; please contact us to arrange appointments as needed.

Communication and Deadlines

Upon enrolment, you'll receive notifications regarding course milestones, including upcoming due dates. It's your responsibility to manage your schedule to meet these deadlines. Should a unit become overdue, we will alert you via SMS or email as a reminder to take action, preventing potential course withdrawal or cancellation.

Learning Responsibility and Progress

Your engagement and progress through the course are primarily your responsibility. This encompasses completing assignments, participating in training sessions, and utilising the provided resources effectively.

Refunds and Financial Obligations

Our refund policy, available on our website, outlines the conditions under which refunds for deposits and course fees are applicable. This includes cancellation scenarios by either party and stipulates the handling of course extensions, which may incur additional fees.

Privacy and Data Security

We commit to protecting your personal information in line with our privacy policy, ensuring the confidentiality and security of your data throughout your course participation.

Changes to Terms

Staysafe Industry Training reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions. Changes will be communicated in writing, and your continued enrolment indicates acceptance of these updates.

By proceeding with your enrolment, you confirm having read, understood, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions, acknowledging their role in guiding your successful course completion and overall experience with Staysafe Industry Training.