Refund Policy and Procedure

At StaySafe Industry Training, we prioritise student flexibility and learning diversity, recognising that each student embarks on a unique learning journey. We support students learning at their own pace and strive to balance this with a sustainable operational framework.

We have carefully designed our refund policy to be fair and transparent.

Terms & Conditions are as follow:

  • Cooling-off Period: To receive a full refund of course fees paid less a 10% administration fee. A student has a 10 day cooling off period after the pre-enrolment, account creation or commencement date whichever comes first. Complete the online withdrawal and refund request forms located on the Staysafe website under the resources tab. 
  • Student withdrawals : A student must formally withdraw from a course by completing the online withdrawal form to advise the RTO. Scenarios includes:
    • Enrols into the same course with another RTO while still enrolled with Staysafe
    • Serious illness preventing engagement in the course (refer to deferral policy)
    • Is inside of the 10 day cooling off period
    • Is outside of the 10 day cooling off period
    • Work commitments prevents engagement (refer to deferral and/or extension request policies
    • Has a change of mind and decides to discontinue their course after the cooling off period (refer to change of mind policy)
  • Student withdrawals by the RTO: 
      • The RTO may withdraw a student who is enrolled into a course where the course duration date has not been met or unit due date is overdue. Circumstances includes:
      • The RTO have sent scheduled email Notifications to students advising unit nearing due date or course completion date
      • Staysafe has attempted to contact the student on numerous occasions via SMS or email and the student has failed to respond
      • There has been little to no activity in course progress over a 1 month period
      • The student makes no attempt to contact Staysafe regarding their course

    Pro rata refunds after the cooling off period

    There is no pro rata refund where a unit has been commenced and not completed, circumstances includes;

    • Change of mind
    • Where a unit has been commenced meaning that the RTO is delivering the service to the student
    • Where marking has occurred whether by computer or the trainer and assessor
    • Where several units have been commenced and not completed


    Where a unit has been commenced and not completed (see withdrawals by the RTO). Any withdrawals will result in this showing up on your USI transcript.

    The RTO will issue a statement of attainment for finalised units in partial completion of a qualification or for stand-alone units.

    Deferral policy

    The student is to formally advise the RTO by completing a course transfer or deferral form. Course deferrals occurs when a student may have extenuating circumstances such as work or personal issues which prevents them from engaging into training.