Quality Assurance Policy

  1. Introduction
    1. At Staysafe Industry Training RTO 40963, we are committed to delivering high-quality vocational education and training services to our students that are inline with industry standards and employers needs.
    2. This Quality Assurance Policy outlines our dedication to compliance with the ASQA Standards for RTO’s 2015, and the provision of exceptional training experiences and learning outcomes. Quality training is fundamental to our RTO’s operations and we have solid systems in place to facilitate this and ensure continuous improvement.
    3. This policy serves as a guide for all staff members, stakeholders, and partners associated with our business and the delivery of our services.
  2. Policy Details
    1. Quality Commitment: Staysafe Industry Training is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality in all aspects of our operations. We strive to deliver vocational education and training that meets the needs and expectations of our students, industry stakeholders, and regulatory bodies.
    2. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and actively seek regular feedback from staff, students and industry before implementing necessary actions to enhance the quality of our services.
  3. Compliance
    1. Staysafe Industry Training acknowledges its obligation to comply with all relevant legislation, regulations, and standards governing the provision of vocational education and training in Australia. We will ensure that our policies, procedures, and practices align with the requirements of ASQA’s Standards for RTO’s 2015, the AQF Framework and any other relevant regulatory bodies.
    2. We conduct regular internal audits to ensure our services, policies and procedures, training methods and assessment tools are inline with current legislation and industry standards.
  4. Key Principles
    1. Student-Centered Approach
      1. We place students at the centre of our operations, aiming to provide them with the best possible learning experiences and outcomes. We will:
        1. Conduct a thorough needs assessment to ensure our courses and qualifications meet the requirements of our students and their desired outcomes for licensing.
        2. Provide accurate and up-to-date information about our short courses and qualifications including entry requirements, duration, delivery methods and course outcomes.
        3. Conduct a thorough skills assessment prior to commencement of training to identify the students potential for RPL and or credit transfers
        4. Provide and accept credit transfers for units of competency that are equivalent
        5. Offer flexibility with self paced learning that is available online at the students leisure, with easy access to trainer support and guidance
        6. Design and deliver training programs that align with industry standards, regulatory requirements, and the needs of the job market.
        7. Offer appropriate support services to assist students throughout their learning journey to ensure progression and positive outcomes
        8. Offer a fair and equitable complaints and appeals process
        9. Ensure our refunds policy is fair and reasonable with a review process that takes into account each student’s personal situation.
    2. Competent and Qualified Staff
      1. We recognise the critical role of our staff members in delivering quality training and assessment services. We guarantee to:
      2. Employ qualified trainers and assessors who possess the necessary vocational competencies and industry experience relevant to the courses they deliver
      3. Provide ongoing professional development opportunities to our staff members to enhance their skills and knowledge
      4. Regularly evaluate the performance of our trainers and assessors to ensure they meet the required standards for VET and their industry.
      5. Seek feedback from students on their learning experience and the support received
    3. Learning Resources and Facilities
      1. We are committed to providing our students with adequate learning resources and a modern Learning Management System that facilitates effective and self paced online learning. We guarantee to:
        1. Develop and update learning resources as required to ensure that they are current, relevant, and aligned with industry requirements and standards.
        2. Engage with industry to receive regular feedback on course content and seek their participation in validation activities
        3. Regularly review and enhance our Learning Management System to create an optimal streamlined learning environment
        4. Provide fast and reliable technical support to ensure learning is uninterrupted
        5. Ensure that our office and facilities comply with health and safety regulations and are accessible to students and staff with disabilities.
    4. Assessment, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfers
      1. To ensure that our assessment practices are fair, valid, reliable, and flexible. We will:
      2. Conduct a Skills Assessment prior to commencement of training to identify the students potential for RPL and or credit transfers
      3. Provide and accept credit to learners for units of competency and/or modules (unless licensing or regulatory requirements prevent this) where these are evidenced by:
        1. AQF certification documentation issued by any other RTO or USI transcripts
      4. Regularly conduct moderation activities to ensure assessment processes are awarded appropriately and consistently
      5. Develop assessment tools and processes that accurately measure the competencies of our students and meet the unit’s assessment criteria.
      6. Provide clear instructions and criteria for assessments, allowing students to understand expectations and provide unlimited opportunities for reassessment
      7. Provide students access to a fair and equitable complaints and appeals process
      8. Benchmark responses for trainers to ensure consistency with marking criteria
    5. Continuous Improvement
      1. We are committed to ongoing improvement in all aspects of our operations and record continuous improvement in a register to monitor and reflect on our business operations. We will:
        1. Regularly conduct internal audits to review our policies, procedures, and services to identify areas for improvement.
        2. Record all continuous improvement in a register to ensure accountability, successful implementation and reviews.
        3. Actively seek feedback from students, staff, and stakeholders and use it to drive improvement initiatives.
        4. Provide a fair and equitable complaints and appeals process
        5. Monitor and evaluate the outcomes of our training programs with students and industry to ensure their effectiveness and relevance
        6. Implement appropriate corrective actions and preventative measures to address any identified issues.
        7. Implement and review all business improvement initiatives to ensure the continuous improvement of our operations and services
  5. Conclusion 
    1. This Quality Assurance Policy will be communicated to all staff members, students, and stakeholders associated with Staysafe Industry Training. It will be regularly reviewed and updated to reflect changes in regulatory requirements, industry standards, and best practices. The policy will be accessible to all parties through our website and other communication channels.
    2. By adhering to this Quality Assurance Policy, we will create a culture of excellence, foster continuous improvement, and ensure that our students receive the highest standard of vocational education and training at Staysafe Industry Training.
  6. Approved by: 
    1. Anthony Vause


      Version 1: 10 June 2023