Solar Design and Install (no battery) - Course Outline

Our comprehensive course is structured into three key units, each focusing on a specific aspect of solar power systems:
  1. UEERE0054 - Conducting Site Surveys: This unit equips you with the skills to survey sites for grid-connected photovoltaic and battery storage systems.
  2. UEERE0061 - Designing Photovoltaic Power Systems: Learn how to design efficient grid-connected photovoltaic power supply systems.
  3. UEERE0080 and UEERE0081 - Installation of Photovoltaic Systems: These units focus on installing photovoltaic power conversion equipment to the grid and connecting photovoltaic systems to power conversion equipment.

Throughout the course, we reference various standards to ensure a comprehensive understanding. These include UEERE0022 – AS4509.2, UEERE0011 – AS4777.1:2016, and several others, all integral to the design and installation processes. Our training modules are curated to include these standards, offering you a well-rounded educational experience.

Please Note: Purchasing the referenced standards is not a requirement for completing the Design and Install Course.

Practical Assessment

Our course delivery is designed for maximum flexibility and self-pacing. It caters to those who cannot commit to lengthy, in-person courses or travel to training centers. The theoretical components are online, supplemented by two practical assessments. These can be undertaken at a workplace of your choice, with a registered solar installer, or through Staysafe Industry Trainings' network of certified installers.

Licensed Electricians

Electricians seeking a statement of attainment from this course must hold an unrestricted electrical license. Those without this license need to present evidence of completing specific prerequisite units, such as UEECD0016, UEECD0043, UEECD0044, UEECD0046, UEECD0025, UEEEL0023, and UEEEL0012. Successfully completing this course enables you to apply for Clean Energy Council (CEC) accreditation, providing access to Federal Government incentives for solar installations.

Electrical Engineers

This course offers electrical engineers a deep dive into energy audits, along with the design, installation, setup, testing, fault-finding, repair, and maintenance of grid-connected photovoltaic systems and related equipment.
Solar Enthusiasts & Salespeople

For those passionate about solar energy and sales professionals in the industry, we are introducing a prerequisite course. This course focuses on the Design Only aspect, enabling you to complete this component and apply for the Design Only Accreditation with CEC.

For further details and to enrol, please contact us.