Solar - FAQ

Q: How long does this course take?
A: Our CEC accreditation course is designed to be completed in approximately 40 hours. This can vary based on individual engagement, LLN skills, and prior knowledge.

Q: Do I have to do any practical Assessments?
A: Yes, you are required to complete two practical installations. These can be undertaken with a qualified individual or through our assistance.

Q: Do I get my CEC accreditation when I complete this course?
A: No, upon completing the course, you must apply to the CEC for accreditation.

Q: Do you have any funding for this course?
A: We offer Keystone Funding in Tasmania. For more details, please contact us.

Q: What are the entry requirements?
A: The course is open to licensed electricians or 4th-year apprentices who have completed the prerequisite units, as confirmed via a USI transcript.

Q: Are there any zoom or video calls?
A: No, the course is fully online and self-paced, with no requirement for Zoom or classroom sessions.

Q: Can I log in anytime of the day or are there set times?
A: Yes, you can access the course materials 24/7 from any location with internet access.