SA TC Lic - About This Course

This comprehensive course is tailored to meet Part 2 and Option 4 of Consumer and Business Services’ (CBS) business criteria requirements. It encompasses a wide range of trades, ensuring participants are well-equipped for various sectors within the building and construction industry. The trades covered in this course include:
  • Civil Builders: Addressing large-scale and public works construction.
  • Commercial Builders: Equipping participants for commercial construction projects.
  • Plumbers, Gas Fitters, and Electricians: Providing essential skills for these critical trades in the construction process.
  • Builders Restricted to Certain Trades: For those specializing in specific areas of construction.
The course is designed to be inclusive and comprehensive, ensuring participants gain the necessary knowledge and skills across a wide spectrum of building and construction disciplines. It's an ideal choice for anyone looking to establish or enhance their career in the construction industry, providing a strong foundation in both practical and managerial aspects of building work.