SA TC Lic - Course Requirements

To ensure a smooth and effective learning experience in our contractors licence course, the following requirements are essential:
  • Reliable Internet Access: Continuous access to the internet is crucial for accessing course materials and online resources.
  • Appropriate Device: A computer, tablet, or mobile device equipped with a camera and microphone is necessary for interactive elements of the course and potential virtual discussions or assessments.
  • Unique Student Identifier (USI): Every student needs to have a USI to enroll and receive their course credentials. If you don't have a USI yet, please apply for one at USI Application.
  • Language, Literacy, and Numeracy Skills (LLN): A fundamental requirement for successful course completion is a certain proficiency in language, literacy, and numeracy. We recommend that participants possess at least Level 3 LLN skills. This ensures that you can effectively comprehend course materials, engage in learning activities, and complete assessments.
These requirements are designed to prepare you adequately for the course content and to facilitate an engaging and productive learning environment. Ensuring you meet these prerequisites will enhance your ability to successfully complete the course and apply the knowledge and skills in your professional endeavors.