SA TC Lic - About CBS Licensing

Who should apply

In South Australia (SA), individuals and businesses seeking to engage in building work, including subcontractors, must obtain a contractors licence. This is essential for those aiming to carry out or manage building work for others or to sell or let land or buildings in SA. Sole traders are advised to apply for both a contractor’s licence and building work supervisor registration simultaneously, a requirement for contracting work in South Australia.

What you will need


For specified building work roles like bricklayers and carpenters in South Australia, it's necessary to have a minimum of $10,000 in net assets to apply for a contractor’s licence. Those with lesser net assets can opt for a restricted licence as a subcontractor. Major residential construction builders must provide a certificate of eligibility for building indemnity insurance, while industrial, commercial, and civil builders in SA must demonstrate adequate financial resources for their business type.

Knowledge and Experience

Courses such as BSBESB402 and BSBESB403 are critical in establishing legal, risk management, and financial planning skills for new business ventures in South Australia, particularly for those seeking a contractors licence.

Police Clearance

Applicants must include a recent National Police Certificate (NPC) with their application, unless exempt under specific conditions.