Solar Design Only Course Overview

Each unit is designed to equip clients with the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to excel, reflecting the latest industry standards and regulatory guidelines. Understanding and completing these units will give you the relevant certification and a clear roadmap towards accreditation.

UEERE0051 – Apply Electrical Principles and a Statement of attainment for Solar Design Only before starting this course

This unit focuses on applying electrical principles in the context of renewable energy, particularly emphasising the understanding and application of these principles in solar energy systems.

Participants will engage with the foundational electrical concepts crucial for the design, installation, and maintenance of renewable energy systems, especially solar PV installations. The unit aims to solidify understanding of electrical laws, circuitry, and safety practices pertinent to renewable energy.

UEERE0054 – Conduct site survey for grid-connected photovoltaic and battery storage systems

Focuses on evaluating renewable energy technologies for integration into power systems, considering performance, reliability, and regulatory compliance.

This unit guides learners through the assessment and implementation of various renewable energy technologies within power systems, emphasising optimization, compatibility, and adherence to industry standards.

UEERE0061 – Design grid-connected photovoltaic power supply systems

Concentrates on designing grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems, including site assessment, system sizing, and the selection of components in accordance with industry norms.

Clients will develop expertise in the end-to-end design of grid-connected PV systems, covering site evaluation, system planning, and component selection, ensuring compliance with current technical and safety standards.

UEERE0060 – Design grid-connected battery storage systems

Involves the design of battery storage systems for renewable energy, focusing on selection, and adherence to safety and technical specifications.

This unit offers comprehensive insights into battery storage solutions for renewable energy, highlighting system design, safety protocols, and maintenance practices to enhance system efficiency and reliability


*Please note these units are the core units for your SAA accreditation for Design Only. If you are looking into becoming an installer you will need to hold your electrical licence to pre-qualify