Solar Pathway - FAQ

Q: Is there trainer support available?
A: Personalised Assistance: You'll have a dedicated trainer for all queries and an additional support team for course-related issues.

Q: What is the expected course duration?
A: Flexible Timing: The course is designed for approximately 40 hours, but this may vary based on your engagement, learning skills, and prior knowledge. This guideline helps balance study with work commitments.

Q: Are there any final exams?
A: Self-Paced Learning: There are no final exams. Complete the modules at your own pace, with progress saved across sessions.

Q: Do I receive a governing body accreditation upon completion?
A: Pathway to Accreditation: The course provides a necessary Statement of Attainment, but you must apply to the applicable governing body for 'Design Only' accreditation.

Q: What are the entry requirements for this course?
A: Open Access: There are no prerequisites, making this course ideal for those starting in solar and battery storage systems design.

Q: Are there any required live sessions?
A: Fully Online: There's no need for classroom attendance or live sessions. All resources are available online on our learning platform.