VBA Specialised Classes and units

Over and above the 5 core units to get your licence you may require additional training in the below specialised areas, see below:

If applying for 

Units Required

Drainage work 

  • CPCPDR4011 Design and size sanitary drainage systems
  • CPCPDR4012 Design and size stormwater drainage systems
  • CPCPDR4013 Design and size domestic treatment plant disposal systems 

Fire Protection work

  • CPCPFS4024 Design and residential and domestic fire sprinkler systems
  • CPCPFS4021 Commission domestic and residential fire suppression sprinkler systems 

Gasfitting work 

  • CPCPGS4011 Design and size consumer gas installations 

Mechanical Services work

  • CPCPMS4011 Design, size and layout heating and cooling systems 

Roofing (stormwater) work 

  • CPCPRF4011 Design and size roof drainage systems

Sanitary work

  • CPCPSN4011 Design and size sanitary plumbing systems 

Design and size sanitary plumbing systems

  • CPCPWT4011 Design and size cold-water services and systems

Type B Gasfitting work

  • CPCPGS4023 Install, commission and service Type B gas appliances

Backflow Prevention work

  • CPCPWT4022 Commission and maintain backflow prevention devices 

Thermostatic Mixing Valve work 

  • CPCPWT4023 Commission and maintain hot and heated water temperature control devices

Type A Appliance Servicing work

  • CPCPGS4022 Service Type A gas appliances


*We don't currently offer training in the above units, this will need to be organised with another training provider.