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VBA Plumbing Licence Course

VBA Plumbing Licence Course

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Embark on a journey to becoming a licensed plumbing contractor with our VBA Plumbing Licence Course, meticulously designed to equip you with the foundational expertise and advanced skills needed in the plumbing and services industry. Whether you're aiming to start your own business or elevate your existing skills, this course offers comprehensive training tailored to the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) requirements for licensing.


  • Was $1800, now $1500 for a limited time.


  • 6 months (self paced)
  • you may be able to complete in a shorter period of time.

Course Requirements:

  • LLN (Language, Literacy, and Numeracy skills)
  • Computer, Tablet, or Mobile Device with camera access

Why Choose This Course?

  • Online and Self paced
  • Aligned with VBA licensing requirements (for core units)

This course provides the core units for your VBA Plumbing licence, this course doesn't provide you with the VBA exam requirements.

Beyond the foundational five core units required for your VBA Plumbing license, those seeking licensure in specialised areas of plumbing will need to complete additional units tailored to their field of expertise.

Below is a clear and concise overview of the specialised units required for licensure in various areas of plumbing specialisation.

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Unit Overview

These five units are essential as the core foundation for obtaining your VBA plumbing license, equipping you with the advanced skills and expertise necessary for a successful career in the plumbing industry.

  • BSBESB402 - Establish Legal and Risk Management Requirements of New Business Ventures: This unit provides a thorough grounding in the legal frameworks and risk management strategies critical for starting a business in the plumbing sector. Ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs, it furnishes you with the knowledge required to set up a compliant and secure operation.
  • CPCCBC4012 - Read and Interpret Plans and Specifications: Develop your technical proficiency with this unit, focusing on accurately interpreting plans and specifications. A crucial skill for ensuring the precision of your projects, it enables you to meet industry standards and exceed client expectations.
  • CPCPCM4011 - Carry Out Work-Based Risk Control Processes: Safety and operational excellence are the focuses here, offering comprehensive training in identifying, assessing, and mitigating workplace risks. This unit is essential for maintaining a safe working environment while complying with occupational health and safety regulations.
  • CPCPCM4012 - Estimate and Cost Work: Learn to effectively estimate job costs and prepare detailed quotes with this unit, crucial for managing finances and ensuring project profitability. It teaches you to provide transparent and accurate costings, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • CPCPCM4015 - Access and Interpret Regulatory Requirements for the Plumbing and Services Industry: Stay informed about the regulatory landscape of the plumbing industry with this unit. It gives you valuable insights into compliance, helping you navigate the legalities and standards vital for your business's success under VBA regulations.

Specialisation Areas and Required Units

Over and above the 5 core units to get your licence you may require additional training in the below specialised areas, see below:

If applying for 

Units Required

Drainage work 

  • CPCPDR4011 Design and size sanitary drainage systems
  • CPCPDR4012 Design and size stormwater drainage systems
  • CPCPDR4013 Design and size domestic treatment plant disposal systems 

Fire Protection work

  • CPCPFS4024 Design and residential and domestic fire sprinkler systems
  • CPCPFS4021 Commission domestic and residential fire suppression sprinkler systems 

Gasfitting work 

  • CPCPGS4011 Design and size consumer gas installations 

Mechanical Services work

  • CPCPMS4011 Design, size and layout heating and cooling systems 

Roofing (stormwater) work 

  • CPCPRF4011 Design and size roof drainage systems

Sanitary work

  • CPCPSN4011 Design and size sanitary plumbing systems 

Design and size sanitary plumbing systems

  • CPCPWT4011 Design and size cold-water services and systems

Type B Gasfitting work

  • CPCPGS4023 Install, commission and service Type B gas appliances

Backflow Prevention work

  • CPCPWT4022 Commission and maintain backflow prevention devices 

Thermostatic Mixing Valve work 

  • CPCPWT4023 Commission and maintain hot and heated water temperature control devices

Type A Appliance Servicing work

  • CPCPGS4022 Service Type A gas appliances


*We don't currently offer training in the above units, this will need to be organised with another training provider.

VBA Exam Requirements

Once you complete the core VBA units you will be required to undertake the relevant VBA licence exam for the class you intend to apply for at one of the following institutions:

  • A Victorian TAFE
  • Master Plumbers Victoria
  • Fire Institute of Training (FIT) in Victoria

Course Requirements

To ensure a smooth and effective learning experience in our contractors licence course, the following requirements are essential:
  • Reliable Internet Access: Continuous access to the internet is crucial for accessing course materials and online resources.
  • Appropriate Device: A computer, tablet, or mobile device equipped with a camera and microphone is necessary for interactive elements of the course and potential virtual discussions or assessments.
  • Unique Student Identifier (USI): Every student needs to have a USI to enroll and receive their course credentials. If you don't have a USI yet, please apply for one at USI Application.
  • Language, Literacy, and Numeracy Skills (LLN): A fundamental requirement for successful course completion is a certain proficiency in language, literacy, and numeracy. We recommend that participants possess at least Level 3 LLN skills. This ensures that you can effectively comprehend course materials, engage in learning activities, and complete assessments.
These requirements are designed to prepare you adequately for the course content and to facilitate an engaging and productive learning environment. Ensuring you meet these prerequisites will enhance your ability to successfully complete the course and apply the knowledge and skills in your professional endeavors.