The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) plays a pivotal role in regulating the building and construction trades in Queensland. For those seeking to start a contracting business, the QBCC managerial course is essential. Applicants for a contractor or nominee supervisor licence in any of the trade contractor classes are required to submit a completed Trade Contractors Application Form.

Even if you possess a licence from another state, undertaking construction work in Queensland mandates completion of the BSBESB402 course, a key requirement for acquiring a QBCC licence. This course, also known as the QBCC managerial course or the BSBESB402 one day course, is integral for legal compliance.
Holding a QBCC licence is mandatory for:

  • Building work exceeding $3,300.
  • Hydraulic Services design work over $1,100.
  • Any value building work involving specific services like Drainage, Plumbing and Drainage, Gas Fitting, Termite Management, Fire Protection, and more.
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